Just Keep Going:

An analog system for succeeding in the face of change

Do what you care about.
For real this time.

Just Keep Going is my step-by-step workbook for setting resilient, flexible quarterly goals that keep what matters to you in focus while you get the little things done. 40 pages of  guided prompts walk you through identifying what you want and designing strategies to

make the next three months
your best quarter yet,  
even while life happens all around you.

PLUS, every copy of Just Keep Going comes with 10 copies* of This is Not a Planner, the weekly companion journal that will keep you on track every day, even when everything changes.

Order your best ¼ yet.

The Just Keep Going Boxed Set includes:

  • ONE copy of Just Keep Going, the quarterly workbook

  • TEN copies of This is Not a Planner so you can start fresh every week

  • One visual scorecard to track 90 days of steady progress

  • One clear cover folder to keep your workbook and journal together

  • Seasonal stickers and mini-index tabs to highlight important ideas

  • All shipped in a reusable box marked for bookshelf storage or archiving!

In addition, you will receive access to full-size pdf downloads of both Just Keep Going and This is Not a Planner that you can use with digital planner apps such as Evernote, or to print extra pages at home if you need them.

$49 per quarter (plus shipping)

(You can't print 240 pages on a home printer for that price.)

Sneak a peek at the pages first…

Click on the covers to view every page of both workbooks, and see what the fuss is all about!

Your quarter starts when you say it does.

You don’t have to wait for the calendar to catch up to you. Order a set of workbooks and schedule a free consultation call to jumpstart your new vision right now.

1 copy of Just Keep Going, the quarterly workbook, plus 10 copies* of This is Not a Planner, the weekly companion journal.

$49 for 3 months of guided awesomeness.
(plus shipping)

Boxed Set Editions ARE AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW and will ship immediately. Because your best quarter starts when you say it does.

*Why 10 copies, if a quarter has 13 weeks? We all need a week off from time to time, and 10 out of 13 seems to be the average usage for this system. If you need 3 more weeks, you can print extras at home (download pdf copies below) or contact us to order a complimentary refill pack.

Or download and print the whole thing yourself.

Yes, you can download both workbooks and print it yourself. In fact, the whole thing started out as a downloadable tool for my clients, and it will probably always be available that way.  I just want to get it in your hands, and printing at home is really expensive, so I found a way to do it for less. Honestly, $49 just covers the cost of what's in the box, and it’s less than the cost of your home printer ink.  

Or you can get started for $5, today—and request a $5 credit if you buy a printed version later.

Just use it, tell me how it works for you, and share it with someone who needs it. ❤︎

Building this system has been a richly meaningful journey. Many quarters of work with my amazing clients have shaped this workbook and continue to improve it as a tool—even as we work together to resist defining success by perfection. I love that the first box label we applied (top middle and bottom right) had a big ol' wrinkle in it. I figured out how to get the label on correctly... but that box #1 is a powerful reminder that progress is a way more powerful goal than perfection!

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