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My top ADHD Resources: these are worth your time.

The folks who taught me what I know:

The ADHD Coach Academy (ICF and PAAC Accredited Coach Training)

Coach Approach—Institute for Applied Coaching

Cameron Gott and Ash Collins at Translating ADHD

Kristen Carder’s I Have ADHD podcast

Ari Tuckman can be found HERE (books and podcast)

Nikki Kinser can be found HERE (1-1, group, and podcast)

Seth Perler—EF, ADHD & 2E ​​can be found HERE (blog and resources)

Gina Pera can be found HERE( 1-1, group, blogs, books and podcast)

Melissa Orlov can be found HERE (everything about ADHD in relationships)

Are you a parent or student? We got you.

Terry Matlen (books, blog, resources, consultations, and

Cindy Goldrich at Impact Parents (blog, podcast, resources, programs)

Sally Linton Midwest, ADHD family and students)

Caitlin Bauer at SF ADHD Coach (SF, new mothers, women)

Cady Stanton at Facilitate Joy (Local to Reno, specific to Autism+ ADHD)

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