Change is coming.  

Be brave anyway.

When you are ready to execute on a vision that inspires you, it's time to get a supercoach on your team. As a certified ADHD and executive coach, I show brilliant professional women how to find satisfaction and be resilient in the face of all kinds of change.

We respond and adapt to neurodiversity and balance the expectations of others against the need for flexibility, adventure, and variety in life.

Are you ready? Well then...

An extraordinary life awaits.

One-on-one coaching is a gift to your future self. Together, we can design goals that will take you straight for your dreams, and then I will show you how to get there, step by step.

A great life that inspires you is within reach.
Don't wait.  The future is coming.

How we do it depends on you.

I am a ADDCA-certified professional coach with specialized ADHD training, if you need it. Some of the topics I coach on are productivity, executive function, time management, effective partnership, and building support systems that serve you.

We commit to weekly sessions for 3 months at a time, so we can really dig in and make change. We Zoom, we talk-and-walk, and we text and email in between. We will figure out the details together so they work for you.

Let's Grow Together

My clients have landed their dream jobs, published books, finished school, launched businesses, lobbied congress, made peace with grief, and renewed their marriages. They've learned to speak up, settle down, take risks, and breathe more.

And I have learned so much from them as well.

Great coaching is always a partnership.
What will we do together?

"I'd be foolish to think my successes came without your help. That's a debt I'll only be able to repay by helping someone else along the way.”

-Ben S., 2016

Looking for a better way to stay on track for the things that matter?
Check out the workbooks that will change your relationship to goal-setting:

Just Keep Going:

An analog system for succeeding in the face of change

Just Keep Going is my step-by-step workbook for setting resilient, flexible quarterly goals that keep what matters to you in focus while you get the little things done. 40 pages of guided prompts walk you through identifying what you want and designing strategies for getting there even while life happens all around you.


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Change is coming. Get a great coach on your team.

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